Carpet Repair Services

Reeder Carpet Cleaning

For the average homeowner, carpeting represents one of the most expensive investments they have inside their home. Most of us would never consider going years without cleaning a nice suit or dress and yet we often do exactly that with our carpets. Allowing our carpets to become loose, stained, and the corners frayed can make our homes look unattractive and can mean the carpet will wear out sooner than it otherwise would have. Having your carpet cleaned and repaired regularly can make your home look nicer and save you thousands of dollars in carpet replacement.

What Carpet Repair Services Are Available?

1.Water Damage
2. Patches
3. Stair Fitting
4. Seam Repair
5. Dyeing
6. Stretching
7. Replacement
8. Smoke Restoration

Overtime wear-and-tear can cause the seam of the carpet to become damaged and unsightly. Routinely having a carpet service come and fix the seam will keep it looking nice and lasting longer. Sometimes something happens to a small area of the carpet that makes it necessary to cut away that piece and patch it. Heavily-used stairs commonly will have the carpet become loose with small waves in the carpet. This is dangerous as it could cause a child or an elderly person and even an average adult to trip and fall. This can be easily remedied by calling on a quality service.

If your home has been flooded or has had a plumbing accident where the carpet has been damaged by water, then it is an issue that needs to be immediately handled by a professional. If the carpet has been damaged by smoke it can be restored but it takes professional understanding in order to do so. If your carpet has become loose it usually cannot be tightened by hand. If you want to have it as tight as it was when it was first installed or even tighter, then having a quality service come to your home with a power tightener is the best way to get it done right.

Just as washing, dry cleaning, and stitching can extend the life of nice clothing, it can also do the same for carpeting. Just as a nice pair of shoes may need it souls or heel replaced, carpeting too, sometimes needs a patch, or the corner repaired, or it needs to be restretched and all of these things can return it to looking nice and allowing it to play a part in the home looking attractive while saving you money.

How To Know If The Carpet Needs Repair Or Replacement

To the average homeowner, there are many times where carpet may appear to be unrepairable. But to a trained eye who knows how to clean and repair certain types of damage, it will be instantly apparent that it can indeed be restored very nicely and continue to last for years. There are times, however, where the carpet is truly beyond repair. The right repair service can very often first assess the damage to help you know whether it can be repaired or needs to be replaced. If it does need to be replaced often the Service Company can do it for you.

Can Area Rugs Be Repaired?

Area rugs can be a beautiful way to decorate the flooring in your home. Just like other types of carpet these too can become damaged and in need of repair and cleaning. Just as with other carpets a carpet repair service can clean and restore damaged area rugs.